Family owned since 1982
Family owned since 1982
We repair RV's - Class A, B, and C motorhomes, coach buses, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers & toy haulers
We repair RV's - Class A, B, and C motorhomes, coach buses, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers & toy haulers 

History of Meyers Autobody Inc.

      Dan Meyers Sr. was introduced into the automotive repair industry by his brother. Initally he started out of his garage at his home in 1978, doing only small side jobs. In 1982 the side jobs were becoming more frequent and turning into a second job, so Dan founded Meyers Auto Body. When he got laid off at his career job years later, he decided to focus on building his business.  

      He started his company with one goal in mind, which stemmed from how he was raised by his parents. His goal was simple, to provide the highest quality of work at the most affordable price that will exceed his customer's expectations. His goal was within reach; partially because of his philosophy of treating customers like family as well as his attention to detail and his concern about building and keeping a good reputation. Dan has a policy of respect, honesty, and dedication in taking care of his customers. This policy has helped Dan maintain his business but more importanly it has helped him to build and maintain longlasting relationships with his customers.


      With this goal, philosophy, and policy Dan Sr. was able to build a decent clientelle rather quickly. In fact he soon had to find a larger building! As he grew, the business moved around Park City and Waukegan trying to find a facility that was just right for his business. As Meyers Autobody Inc. grew, so did his family! He has three children which have all been a part of the growth of his business. His oldest, Emily takes care of his books, while his second oldest, Dan Jr. is his Operations Manager! His youngest, Christopher is training and building his mechanical skills so he too can manage an aspect of the business in the future!


      After 41 years of building his business, Dan has managed to keep his doors open through the rough economic times. He has also managed to stay on top of his game! He has kept an open mind and is always looking to learn more as the times change. This has allowed Dan to morph into focusing on RV and Commercial equipment repair where he carries on his initial philosophy. With his positive attitude and strong ethics, Dan hopes that Meyers Autobody Inc. continues to grow and keep his customers smiling!

What do you think or feel when you look at your car and see all the salt and road grime? How about when you open the doors and see all the grease and dirt inside the door jambs? Or engine bay? How about on the interior? Carpet, seats, sticky cupholders? 


Do you know that if your vehicle's finish is not kept up, it can and will eventually hold moisture and begin to rust? Well it will! We recommend a complete detail, or an exterior detail at the very least at least once a year. We believe the best time is in the spring. This will get all the corrosive salt off of your vehicle as well as all the other contaminants that float in the air. 


To understand, you have to know that the paint on your vehicle is essentially a form of plastic. It is very easy for metallic particles to embed themselves into your vehicle's finish and begin to rust. Look closely, you might even be able to see them!


When you come in to Meyers Auto body and have us repair your vehicle, you will recieve 20% off a detail. You are free to use it whenever you wish. Right away, in the spring, or even next fall. It does not matter!


Besides, who doesn't like to feel fresh and renewed in the spring time? I know I do!!! Remember how it felt to drive that car off the lot looking fresh and shiny and smooth? Just mention this ad!!!!

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Defogging Headlight Special

Are you finding that you are having trouble seeing at night? Well don't bother going to get your eyeglasses checked! Call and ask us about making your headlights clear again!