Family owned since 1985
Family owned since 1985
We repair RV's - Class A, B, and C motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers & toy haulers
We repair RV's - Class A, B, and C motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers & toy haulers 

      Winter is on it's way! If you want to be prepared for the snow and salt, come by Meyers Autobody Inc. so we can help! Mention this add and recieve 10% off your total bill if you want us to prep your vehicle for this coming Winter!


      We will inspect your vehicle's:

  • Lights
  • Fluids
  • Brakes
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Tires (airpressure and wear)
  • Radiator
  • Battery and Charging system
  • Heat and defrosters



Win a FREE Detail!

           With a covering of fresh snow, our landscape can be beautiful, even in the depressing time of Winter. And then the salt trucks come out and everything is dirty and grungy again.

            Did you know that while road salt helps to avoid slick roads which cause accidents, it is also harmful to your vehicle. It is corrosive so it eats at the finish of your vehicle as well as promotes rust underneath your vehicle!

            Spring is among us, and there is no better time to get all of the nasty residue of the previous winter off your car! For a limited time, you can win up to two complete auto details. This includes:


  • Clay Bar to remove embedded contaminants
  • Paint cleaner applied by machine
  • Pain polish applied by machine
  • Carnuba wax applied by hand
  • Door jambs cleaned & degreased
  • Interior & trunk vacuumed
  • All vents, grooves, cracks & crevices meticulously cleaned
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • Cream protectant applied to all leather, vinyl & plastic
  • Air freshener scent appliedAll carpeting & upholstery shampooed, including trunk, seats & floor mats
  • Engine compartment completely dressed & detailed
  • Most comprehensive detail package
  • Every aspect of your car, truck, or SUV is meticulously cleaned & protected

Here are more benefits to having your vehicle detailed!


Regular Preventative Maintenance

Many feel detailing is a luxury, but it really should be considered
part of the regular maintenance on your vehicle.  With cold winters,
hot summers, road salt & bugs, Chicago's climate can pose a
challenge for keeping your vehicle's finish in top condition.  Having
a professional wash & wax your vehicle every three months will help
keep the paint in excellent condition.  Without a coat of wax on your
vehicle, your car is exposed to harmful UV rays, road grime, salt, acid
rain, etc.  Over time, this will cause your paint to oxidize and may lead
to corrosion & rust.  Additionally, waxing your vehicle a few times per
year drastically increases the resale value of your car.  On average,
an interior and exterior detail can boost the resale value by 10% to 15%.
So if you are selling your car for $10,000, that could be an extra $1000
to $1500 in your pocket!


The feeling of a freshly detailed car

Remember the first time you drove your new vehicle?  A professional
detail can restore that "brand new" feeling to your vehicle.  Instead of
dreading to drive a dull, dirty, & funky smelling car, a detail can completely
change your relationship with your car.  A polish and wax can give your
vehicle that deep gloss shine that will attract admiration from all who
see you cruise by.  With an immaculate interior, you will no longer feel
the need to apologize for your unkempt car when giving rides to others.
Instead, you will receive countless compliments on a spotless interior.


Neglected cars can be a safety hazard

Dirty windows and mirrors can severely decrease visibility, making driving
hazardous.  This is especially true when the sun is shining directly onto
your windshield.  A winter's worth of road salt and deicer can cause streak
marks, creating a haze that decreases visibility.  Also, oxidized and cloudy
headlights are extremely dangerous and can diminish light output by up
to 80%.  Our headlight restoration services can restore your night vision
without costly headlight replacement.



  So here is how you win! There are two ways (one winner from each)


   First option: Refer somebody to our shop for a FREE estimate. All you have to do in order for it to count is tell them to mention your name and number or you can email us at and let us know about your referrals. Every referral you send in is another chance of winning for you!


   Second option: Come in for a FREE estimate and ask about this raffle. You do not need to follow through with the repair, however if you do you will find that you will be treated as family and there are several perks to that!


 The drawing will be on March 20th (the first day of spring). Good luck!


What do you think or feel when you look at your car and see all the salt and road grime? How about when you open the doors and see all the grease and dirt inside the door jambs? Or engine bay? How about on the interior? Carpet, seats, sticky cupholders? 


Do you know that if your vehicle's finish is not kept up, it can and will eventually hold moisture and begin to rust? Well it will! We recommend a complete detail, or an exterior detail at the very least at least once a year. We believe the best time is in the spring. This will get all the corrosive salt off of your vehicle as well as all the other contaminants that float in the air. 


To understand, you have to know that the paint on your vehicle is essentially a form of plastic. It is very easy for metallic particles to embed themselves into your vehicle's finish and begin to rust. Look closely, you might even be able to see them!


When you come in to Meyers Auto body and have us repair your vehicle, you will recieve 20% off a detail. You are free to use it whenever you wish. Right away, in the spring, or even next fall. It does not matter!


Besides, who doesn't like to feel fresh and renewed in the spring time? I know I do!!! Remember how it felt to drive that car off the lot looking fresh and shiny and smooth? Just mention this ad!!!!

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